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About Business Information Services

"Biinform is Vietnam’s pioneer provider of business information via portal-based services built on an aggregated database of almost all companies and sectors. Business information includes premium company and industry reports, comprehensive analysis and local insights to clients at quality standards of international prestigious advisory firms. Our mission is to contribute to the development of the local information industry, support business decisions and increase investment confidence by ensuring sufficient trustworthy information on local companies for anyone who has the demand."

We work with trading companies, institutional investors, and industry players to help them understand the trading partner, the market and specific segments of interest in order to verify partners’ information and define market entry strategies. We go beyond the hard data by leveraging an extensive expert network for local experience and insights.

The output, Biinform’s company and industry reports, provides insights to help client in making informed decision and stay ahead of the competitive edge.

Industry Report: We provide in-depth industry reports with detailed market landscape and competitive dynamics of 10 key sectors of Vietnam available for sale on:

Company Reports: These reports including detailed credit and financial information coupled with business insights are available for sale and on request via portal:

Customized Research: More in-depth research tailored to your specific segments of interest value added services including presentation, company visits, or business matching if needed.

Market Entry Advisory: Actionable recommendations and services for your entry strategies, ranging from market due diligence, partner screening, to business set-up.

Our differentiators

At StoxPlus, we take pride in quality, integrity, and technical expertise. We believe that every client project is both an obligation and an opportunity to demonstrate why we deserve that reputation. Our approach in all assignments to clients is to combine data-driven analysis with local and practical market insights

  • Comprehensive Database: Comprehensive database of key sectors and close to all businesses registered in Vietnam.We add value to our clients by validating data to provide most accurate information.
  • Full Spectrum of Services: The only one-stop-shop for all your information needs, from basic company reports to premium advisory services to execution.
  • Local Insights: Prestigious partners from industry players to Government agencies (CIC, NFSC, GSO, etc.). Network with top experts in all sectors.
  • Global Experience: We have a team of seasoned experts and experienced analysts with international experience in the US, UK and Australia. We mostly serve foreign clients and understand the foreign perspective, especially investment concerns when making entry into Vietnam market.

Covered sectors



    Consumer Finance






    Flexible Packaging

    Plastic Packaging



    Convenience Stores

    Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering Services


    Consumer goods

    Packaged Food


    Soft Drinks

    Food Processing



    Health Care

    Hospitals & Clinics


    Pharmaceutical Distribution




    Cold Storage

    House Building



    Industrial Zones






    Animal Feed





    SOE Restructuring

We acquire data from all official sources:

  • Business Registration Management Agency
  • Vietnam General Statistics Office
  • Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX)
  • Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HOSE)
  • Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)
  • StoxPlus extensive database
  • Mass media
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Ministries
  • Business associations
  • Foreign chambers of commerce
  • International companies
  • Local companies
  • Commercial banks

Our Customers