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Memorandum of understanding signing ceremony between StoxPlus and State Securities Commission

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Memorandum of understanding signing ceremony between StoxPlus and State Securities Commission

We are pleased to assist State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC) in technical assistance and market information disclosure toward the financial transparency and to promote Vietnam Securities Market from Frontier Market to Emerging Market by MSCI standards

On June 24, 2016, in Hanoi, the State Securities Commission (SSC) and StoxPlus Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on collaboration in data and technology at the SSC’s head office. The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to increase the stability and sustainability of Vietnam stock market and enhance its prestige on the international financial market.  

Attending the signing ceremony were Mr. Vu Bang - Chairman of the SSC, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien Hoa - Vice Chairwoman of the SSC, Mr. Yoichi Iwamoto - Managing Director of Nikkei China (Hong Kong), Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan - CEO of StoxPlus, and other heads of the SSC’s departments.

After supporting the SSC with a number of activities including preparing the SSC’s Annual Report 2015, based on the SSC’s priorities in stock market development plan and StoxPlus’ strengths in standardizing and processing data for financial institutions, StoxPlus and the SSC have signed an MoU to collaborate on many areas in order to develop Vietnam stock market with the scope of cooperation as follows:

  1. Improving the quality of information disclosure of public companies on the securities market under Circular 155/2015/TT-BTC: With years of experience in processing information disclosure in both English and Vietnamese as well as providing solutions to public companies, StoxPlus and the SSC will help public companies with information disclosure in English, which is not mandatory under the current regulation. This aims to meet information disclosure criteria, helping Vietnam to be upgraded from MSCI Frontier Market status to Emerging Market status, and consequently attract more cash flows from foreign funds and large investment firms to Vietnam stock market. 
  2. Collaborating on standardizing and processing data for listed and unlisted public companies: Due to high demand for information disclosure in English, StoxPlus will support the SSC with processing, standardizing data and providing information for both local and foreign investors in accordance with the current regulation.
  3. Supporting the SSC with high quality design and translation of its annual reports in order to provide foreign and local investors with the SSC’s operation information as well as statistics and information disclosure.
  4. Providing related data for the SSC’s statistics and research reports: StoxPlus provides the SSC’s Office with access to the FiinPro Platform for statistics and research reports.

Speaking at the MoU ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien Hoa, Vice Chairwoman of the SSC highlighted the importance of FiinPro Platform’s macro, industry and corporate data in the preparation of the SSC’s annual report and other regular reports.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan, CEO of StoxPlus, thanked the SSC for its collaboration and was proudly committed the company’s support to improve information disclosure of public companies and market members, increase market transparency and development as well as attract more foreign capital into Vietnam stock market.

About the State Securities Commission

The SSC, founded in 1996, is an organization under the Ministry of Finance, charged with the functions of exercising the States’ regulation of securities and the securities market, directing the regulation and supervision of activities in securities and the securities market, and managing the public services related to securities and the securities market in accordance with applicable laws.

The SSC plays a decisive role in the ensuring necessary conditions for a healthy and credible securities market.  Its primary responsibility is to organize and regulate the securities and securities market operations, with the focal mission of facilitating the process of fund mobilization for development investment, ensuring the orderly, safe, transparent, equitable and efficient operation of the securities market, and no less importantly, protecting investors’ legitimate rights and interests.

About StoxPlus

StoxPlus, an associate company of Nikkei Inc. and QUICK Corp. (Japan), is proud to be a leading financial and business information corporation in Vietnam. We provide the most comprehensive, ready-to-use financial information platform, business information portal, standard and customizable research reports and value added services via various devices such as PCs, websites and mobile devices to help customers analyze and make informed decisions.

Our customer base is comprised of local and financial and international investment institutions such as securities firms, investment funds, commercial banks and insurance companies. It also includes domestic and foreign corporate executives, import-export traders, NGOs and individual investors.

StoxPlus has been a pioneer in information services since 2009. Jointly with Nikkei Inc. and QUICK Corp., StoxPlus is the first to develop an in-house platform for thousands of financial institutions and sophisticated investors.


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