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Vietnam Real Estate - Where is the market heading to?

Oct 22, 2018 17:21:53

The domestic real estate market has had a period of strong growth in the past five years, will this bull market continue and support real estate stocks to lead the market?

SSI AM fund management integrates FiinPro® Platform software into analysis and transaction activities

Oct 22, 2018 09:20:37

Established in 2007, SSI AM is a leading fund management company in Vietnam, owned by Saigon Securities Incorporation (SSI) – one of the most reputable financial institutions in Vietnam. With senior experts and experienced professors in financial services, SSI AM offers domestic and international individuals, institution and investors fund management, portfolio management and other value-added services.

Thanh Thanh Cong Corporation (TTC) utilizes FiinPro Platform - the most exclusive database to support for multidisciplinary business activities.

Oct 17, 2018 14:52:34

Established in 1979, Thanh Thanh Cong (TTC) formerly was an alcohol producer in Ho Chi Minh City with initial authorized capital of only VND100million and 20 employees. After 40 years of development, TTC increased its capital with more than VND11.000bn and officially changed from production – trade into operating in different sectors: Real Estate, Energy, Agriculture, Tourism, Education and other segments such as warehouse etc. With more than 23 subsidiaries, TTC board of directors forms development strategies for each of its activity and orients to become a successful multi-sectoral corporation (TTC website).

Are Banking Stocks Still Attractive?

Oct 09, 2018 11:15:02

Banking stocks have been one of the market leading ones over the years. FiinPro data showed that banking stocks enjoyed a 3-digit growth for the past five years, up 154.1% versus VNIndex’s double-digit gain of 96.5%. Will the attractiveness of banking stocks remain in the last months of 2018 and in 2019?

MB Securities (MBS) improves its brokerage activites with FiinPro® Platform

Oct 04, 2018 16:38:50

Orienting on transparency and risk management, MB Securities officially put into use FiinPro® Platform for research and brokerage activities.

FiinPro® Platform helps to ensure Techcom Capital activities effectiveness and professionalism

Oct 04, 2018 16:22:23

Mission to become the most reliable financial partner requires Techcom Capital Management Limited highly invest in information technology. The agreement to use FiinPro® Platform in May 2016 with StoxPlus is a remarkable investment in the information era nowadays.

Outlook of EPS in banking and real estate sectors towards end 2018

Oct 03, 2018 08:38:32

Banking and real estate stocks are considered the leading stocks as they account for 40% of the total market capitalization and 47% of the average daily trading value in the year to date. Building investment strategies for the coming time as well as in the coming years will depend heavily on how these two sectors will perform.


Oct 01, 2018 17:49:34

2017 wrap up as a great year for logistics!

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INFOGRAPHIC: Vietnam Renewable Energy Report 2018

Sep 19, 2018 16:47:01

Vietnam Renewable Energy Report 2018 will highlight key points including market growth rate, Vietnam's potential within industry and following risks.

FiinPro Talk #7 (Hanoi) - Banking & Real Estate Stocks: Closing for 2018 & Outlook

Sep 10, 2018 08:06:45

Banking and Real Estate Stocks have been undoubtedly driving the market given its 40% contribution to the total market cap. These two groups also attracted a large portion of foreign capital flows into Vietnamese stock market, accounting for 47% and 88% of Daily Trading Value and Total Net Foreign Trading Value, respectively from the beginning of 2018 to date.

6 Key Takeaways from Vietnam Renewable Energy Conference: "Challenges and Practical Solutions" on 23 August 2018

Aug 28, 2018 11:44:15

On August 23, 2018, StoxPlus and Eurocham have co-organized the Vietnam Renewable Energy Conference: "Challenges and Practical Solutions" in HCMC, with more than 130 participants from various backgrounds- energy companies, banks, investment funds, insurance, consulting & law firms, etc.